Flamenco Passion with an urban flavor

photo credit:   companioni-photography

photo credit:  companioni-photography

Flamenco Flavor brings audiences a sizzling show with a fresh look and sound.  A fiery fiesta with an urban twist, the 3 Flamenco Flavor girls ignite the room with exciting Spanish rhythms and sensual Latin choreography, danced to the ardent voice and soulful guitar of singer/guitarist David M Castellano.  

The group formed 2 years ago in the NY tri-state area when Laura, Monica, Cristina, and David, each a prominent and experienced flamenco artist in their own right, came together with a vision for a new take on a flamenco show.

Their vision became reality as fans of classic Latin sounds and contemporary movements recognized the exciting young group, and soon Flamenco Flavor was performing for enthusiastic audiences throughout the US and Latin America.  Custom costumes, rhythmic Latin sounds, and an electric look quickly established Flamenco Flavor as the exciting and cutting-edge flamenco-fusion group with unparalleled audience appeal.

FlamencoFlavor combines Spanish ardor and Latin passion and delivers the new urban Spain directly to you!



Booking & Management:  Juan Arroyo

phone:  713-292-3313

email:  musecorpny@gmail.com