flamenco flavor

Indulge in the exciting heel stomping rhythms of flamenco dancers, the cry of the Spanish guitar, and the soulful voice of a singer that will bring chills up and down your spine.  FLAMENCOflavor will deliver Spain directly to you!
David (Guitar & Vocals)

David (Guitar & Vocals)

Flamenco Flavor dance/music fusion group is based out of New York City, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.  The group members have over 15 years extensive touring and performing experience as freelance artists, which within the past two years have come together to create a Flamenco – Latin Fusion group bringing exciting, soulful, and fiery dance entertainment to audiences across the US.  The four artists that make up the group all shared the same vision in creating a unique entertainment experience fusing the passion and fire of Flamenco with the energy and sounds of Latin contemporary music and dance. 





The members of FLAMENCOflavor have compiled an extensive list of performances in places such as in “Carmen” at the NY’s Metropolitan Opera House, Prudential Center NJ, NJPAC, Teatro de Bellas Artes -Puerto Rico and NY’s Lincoln Center.  The group has individually been performing in various entertainment outlets for over 15 years with many reputable dance/music companies/groups throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia.    The most recent tour led the group to perform in Havana, Cuba.  In July 2017, FLAMENCOFlavor has made an appearance on Victor Solano’s “Aca Entre Nos” Noticieros 41- segment highlighting the group.

booking and management:  Juan Arroyo

email:  musecorpny@gmail.com

Phone:  917-524-7682